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Senyuan Furniture: Building a high standard brand of Chinese hotel furniture international

   Time:2017/8/29 0:00:00
To design and create distinctive furniture products, become an international brand and occupy an important consumer market. Senyuan Furniture has introduced professional production equipment from Germany, the United States and Italy, and its production scale has reached the international advanced level. In the past 20 years, the service of Senyuan Hotel Furniture has been spread all over the world. It includes many government projects and engineering cooperation of the International Hotel Management Group. It has experienced many politicians and celebrities in Senyuan Furniture. In 2015, it created the No. 5 Yanqi Lake where President Obama lives. Villa, Senyuan once again showed strong furniture manufacturing strength, and also contributed a little power to the success of the APEC meeting.

Recently, the “2016 (4th) China Hotel Furniture Bidding and Purchasing Evaluation Promotion Campaign” jointly organized by China Procurement and Bidding Network and China Famous Enterprise Ranking Network has just concluded successfully. Nearly 100 hotel furniture companies participated in this industry event. Demonstrate the strength of all parties in the enterprise. After three months of fierce competition, Fujian Senyuan Hotel Furniture won the "2016 China Hotel Furniture Top Ten Brands", "2016 China Hotel Furniture Customized Top Ten Brands", "2016 China’s Most Bidding Strength Hotel Furniture Suppliers" Honor The award is located at the high level of domestic office furniture and stands at the peak of the hotel furniture industry.