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What factors should be considered for hotel furniture customization

   Time:2019/2/27 0:00:00

Hotel furniture customization, there are many factors to consider, if you do not know, by small make up to explain for you.

1 fire prevention, high temperature resistance: lit cigarettes, matches, etc. will cause damage to the surface of furniture, serious and even cause fire, the flame retardant performance of hotel furniture can not be ignored.

2 wear resistance: room daily supplies, such as telephone, ashtray, tea cup, lamp, flower pot, laptop, suitcase, electric water heater, etc. In daily use is likely to cause furniture surface scratches, affecting the effective life of furniture. The wearability of furniture board is one of the important factors that decide the effective life of furniture.

3. Environmental protection: furniture materials, such as particleboard, fiberboard, glue and paint, will release harmful gases to the human body. Hotel and apartment rooms are relatively airtight, and gas irritating eyes and nose will directly affect the room occupancy rate. The environmental protection of furniture has become an important factor for modern guests to choose to stay in the hotel.

4. Style design: the style of furniture should be coordinated with the decorative style, to avoid simple decoration with luxury furniture, or luxury decoration with low-level furniture; The choice of furniture should take into account the location of the hotel and apartments, customer base, room prices and investment restrictions. Should take the guest’s be fond of and the consumption idea as the center, USES the reasonable furniture design and the product style to make up for the building and the decoration insufficiency, enhances the hotel the level and the characteristic.

5. One-time investment cost and value: in order to ensure that does not affect the guest in the furniture of aging and damage, in the choice of furniture, besides considering an investment cost, should also consider a decorate furniture is in operation in the process of repeating the cumulative investment, should choose not to need to repeat investment can maintain good appearance quality, high cost performance products, at the same time should also consider the warranty period of furniture company.

6. Waterproof and moisture-proof: in hotels and apartment rooms, moisture can often damage the furniture in a hotel room. Tea dump, toilet moisture and the diffusion of the steam that wash bath sauna, the contact of wet towel that wash bath, seasonal climate humidity change, can bring about furniture to seal a side to expose, fall off, board face is out of shape dilate, especially the action of the problem such as craze, bubble, mildew, buy furniture to should consider its waterproof moistureproof function so.