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We are already halfway through 2017

   Time:2019/3/6 0:00:00

What have you gained in that half a year?

Senyuan Furniture has more than 1,800 cases worldwide

So, Senyuan reviews the first half of the year

Senyuan is trusted by numerous customers

It has won many cutting-edge projects at home and abroad


In the first half of 2017, Senyuan met the market with a new appearance. The 320,000 square meter super-scale factory building was put into operation, with brand-new equipment and entirely new service models. It has already contributed to Senyuan’s leading scale and manufacturing superiority within the industry and has won the favor of numerous clients. The trust of our clients gives us more opportunities to complete the projects entrusted to us at high quality and high scale.

Hotels are one half luxury and another half tranquility

Senyuan is one half opportunity and another half hard work


We are thankful for the trust and concern of all our customers, old and new

2017 is destined to be an extraordinary year for all of us. Let us cherish the next half of the year, and not fail to have a good time!