Company News

Senyuan Furniture enjoys the honor of China Quality and Credit Enterprise

2015/8/7 8:29:38
The title of “China Quality Honest Enterprise” is not only the trust of Senyuan Furniture Company’s product brand and product quality, but also the full affirmation of the company’s import and export quality management work. It will enable Senyuan to review and sample the import and export declarations in the future. The inspection and other aspects enjoy more convenient and preferential policy support, and also lay a good foundation for the company to seize market opportunities and expand the scale of enterprise development.

Senyuan was invited to participate in the "Building Decoration Engineering Wood Parts (Product Standard)"

2015/8/6 17:16:54
In accordance with the spirit of the Notice of Deepening the Standardization Work Reform Plan issued by the State Council, it is clearly stated that it is necessary to vigorously develop group standards. On May 26, 2015, under the organization of the China Building Decoration Association, "Wooden Parts of Building Decoration Engineering (Product Standard)" The second preparatory work meeting was held in Qingdao.

The construction process of Senyuan furniture informationization

2015/4/10 15:54:01
A large platform that can provide electronic approval process and data query for online collaborative work, middle-level business management and company leadership decision-making for company employees has become one of the core application systems of enterprise information management.

Senyuan Furniture is committed to creating a green road to be assured of enterprise assured products

2015/4/10 15:53:33
With the active cooperation of all relevant departments, Senyuan Furniture finally passed the 2013 ten-circle certification on-site supervision inspection, effectively implementing the continuation of the validity period of the certificate. In the business bidding, the 10-ring certificate can continue to play an active role and strive to Senyuan Furniture participates in the market competition to establish a green channel and expand the competitiveness of products!