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Senyuan furniture star enterprise seeking truth and being pragmatic

2015/4/10 15:53:11
In recent years, with the rapid expansion of Nan’an’s economic aggregate, the tax star enterprise index has increased from 3 million to 5 million. In 2013, 109 enterprises with a tax of more than 5 million yuan in Nan’an were among them, with a total tax amount of 1.979 billion yuan. Senyuan Furniture ranks in the forefront among private enterprises and has made important contributions to local economic development. In February 2014, it was named “2014 Star Enterprise” by the Nan???an Municipal Government.

Senyuan Furniture enjoys quality training

2015/4/10 15:52:50
Training changes ideas and learn to change your destiny! Since the development of Senyuan Furniture for many years now, it has been able to cultivate a spirit of learning and atmosphere from the top down. It is inseparable from the major training activities. The company pays attention to the inner cultivation while developing, and achieves the long-term road!

The leaders of Quanzhou Forestry Bureau visited the first line of safety production of Senyuan Furniture

2015/4/10 15:52:05
A company consciously doing safety production work is responsible for the employees of the company and responsible for the customers. It is a reflection of the concept of enterprise humanity construction. Senyuan has been based on the foundation for many years, starting from the employees, strengthening the enterprise and doing a good job!

The responsibility of the enterprise The virtue of educating people The company is awarded the provincial “university outside school practice base...

2015/4/10 15:51:27
The leaders of Weinan University of Science and Technology also put forward some hopes and suggestions for Senyuan. Wu Yong, deputy dean and the teacher of the college pointed out that there were 14 people who joined the company in 2013. This fully reflects the achievements of the founding of Senyuan.

Implementation of the new "Trademark Law" Senyuan Furniture opens a new path of cognition

2015/4/10 15:51:07
As the "World Intellectual Property Day" approached and the new "Trademark Law" was about to be implemented, on April 25, 2014, in the multi-functional conference hall of the Quanzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau convened key leading enterprises and large-scale enterprises in the jurisdiction to study. The New Trademark Law, and the comparison of the old and new trademark law into promotional materials, distributed to the enterprises that need to participate in the study, Senyuan Furniture was invited to participate in this training and learning conference.